Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update nerfs 725 again

Infinity Ward has released a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that contains bug fixes and more weapon balance adjustments.

Once again, the 725 shotgun is the focus of weapon balancing with a reduction in base weapon damage range, a reduction in damage range granted by attachments, a hip fire spread increase, and a reduction in damage when hip firing.

In addition to the 725 changes, the AUG 5.56 Caliber conversion for an increase in close range damage, an increase in mid damage range, and a reduction in the chest multiplier.

Other changes include a fix for the infinite killstreak exploit, a fix for the loadout screen reappearing in Ground War, and fixes for several challenges. Read the full notes below:

General Fixes

  • Special Operations: Fix for an issue where a player would see no objective after retrying a mission after spectating (Operation Paladin)
  • CDL: Fix for rulesets in Search and Destroy where Field Upgrades were disabled
  • Fix for an exploit where players could duplicate their killstreaks (“Fix for various exploits”)
  • Fix for the “Blue V” Optic challenge not displaying the proper text description
  • Fix misspelling of “trophy”

Ground War

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the filter on the respawn selection screen to stay on screen when spawning back in
  • Fix for an issue where the Select Loadout screen would keep reappearing after already selecting a loadout and attempting to spawn back in

Missions/Challenges Fixes

  • “Infiltrator”
  • “Warrior’s Code”
  • “Aggression”
  • “Dominator”
  • “Munitions”
  • Officer progression “Launch Destroys”
  • Officer progression “Heartbreaker”
  • Officer progression ”Precision Airstrike”
  • Officer progression: “Karma”
  • Officer progression “Close and Personal”


  • AUG 5.56 Caliber conversion
    • Increasing close range damage
    • Increasing mid damage range and reduced chest multiplier
  • 725
    • Small reduction to base weapon damage range
    • Significantly reduced the damage range added by attachments
    • Small hips spread increase
    • Reduced effective damage at the hip
  • Model 680: Slight reduction of damage range with all range-extending attachments

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