Biomutant trailer takes you on a tour of the game’s world

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for Biomutant that offers a brief tour of the game’s world.

In the trailer, we see characters exploring abandoned cities, temples, villages, snowy mountains, and more. There’s also a brief look at various mounts that players will use to traverse the world.

The publisher added that the trailer is so quiet and peaceful “because there are too many fast-paced, dark and gritty trailers in this world anyway.” People looking for more action can check out the combat trailer that was recently released.

As previously announced, players who preorder the game will receive early access to the Mercenary class, which wields a Katana and Wakizashi blade. Players who choose not to preorder can purchase the Mercenary class after launch.

Biomutant launches May 25th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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