Battlefield sends out cryptic messages ahead of next game’s reveal

The official Battlefield Twitter account has sent out several cryptic messages to content creators ahead of the next game’s official reveal on June 9th.

YouTubers known for creating Battlefield content—like JackFrags, Westie, GetGoodGuy, and Lossy—all reported receiving DMs from the Battlefield Twitter account. The message was the same for everyone, but different parts of it were censored for different people.

The content creators put the pieces of the message together, and this is what it says:

“Some of you want to return home—that most human of all instincts. With a heavy heart, I must tell you the truth. You have no home to return to. The question we must ask ourselves now is: Do we accept our fate? Or do we dare to fight for a better world? No one may force you into battle, but I say to all who can hear my voice: If you can fire a gun, if you can tend a wound, if you can cry havoc—Those who cannot need you. We need you. War is the only way home.”

There are several other notable details in the message that could hint at the game’s setting. The source of the message is a quantum encrypted long band radio broadcast, which is not something they had in World War II. The year in the transmission’s date is also censored, since it’s probably when the game is set.

The target of the message is someone named “Oz,” and the unit that intercepted the message is the USS Ravenrock. Interestingly enough, there is a Raven Rock in the real world, but it’s not a ship—it’s a giant bunker in the side of a mountain in Pennsylvania where US officials can go in case of a nuclear disaster.

So what does it all mean? Who’s to say! What we do know for sure is that the next Battlefield game is getting a full reveal on June 9th. EA CEO Andrew Wilson has stated that it will come to both current- and last-gen consoles as well as PC, and it’s set to launch this holiday season.

Image: Battlefield V, Electronic Arts

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