Battlefield 2042’s first major patch out, targets server issues

DICE released the first major patch for Battlefield 2042, and it mostly targets server-related issues.

One of the main issues plaguing Battlefield 2042‘s “early access” release is “rubber banding” that players are experiencing, seemingly when too many players and actions are occurring within too small of a space. The patch notes state that update 0.2.1 has “implemented server side upgrades that are targeted at reducing instances of rubber banding.”

Performance has also proved to be an issue for 2042, across most platforms. The patch at least addresses issues of stuttering on the Breakaway map that are seemingly caused when the massive explosive silos on it are destroyed.

Unfortunately, this patch does not address any content changes, including nerfs to vehicles and buffs to every other weapon besides the PP-29. Here are the rest of the patch notes:

  • When looking at allies on your team, their names will now correctly display.
  • Adjusted the animations for Falck during the End of Round sequence to ensure that she is displayed correctly.
  • Updated a skin earnable for Boris via Mastery Progression with a new name: Gator.
  • Ensured that TDM Rounds in Battlefield Portal always start with Random Deploy set as active. We observed that this sometimes wasn’t active when moving from round to round, but have now fixed this.
  • Applied a set of measures that ensure the correct number of AI spawn in Custom Battlefield Portal modes using the Free for All preset.
  • PC Only – Enabled Specialist Selection in Hazard Zone via mouse interaction, removing the need to lock in your selection with the Spacebar.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence in Hazard Zone that would sometimes cause the End of Round flow to not activate correctly, ensuring that the correct amount of bonus XP was awarded.
  • Repaired an issue found in Hazard Zone that could cause players to be shown on the Map when they were not visible, or spotted.
  • Provided a fix for Hazard Zone players who were not seeing their Extraction Streaks updating correctly.

According to Battlefield community manager Adam Freeman, DICE is “presently scheduled to release two further updates” over the next 30 days. The first patch will focus on “fixes and improvements” for issues discovered during the early access week that started on November 12th. The following update will be “larger and more substantial.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have to wait a week until, say, DICE does something about the hovercraft (just as an example). The 2042 developer recently showed that it can make quick fixes to content like gadgets when it removed Dozer’s shield at launch, fixed the issue with it, and put the shield back in the game, all within a few days. Likewise, although it’s not included in the patch notes, DICE also restored the proximity sensor to the game.

Battlefield 2042 launches worldwide November 19th for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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