Ark: Survival Evolved’s Love Evolved event begins

Studio Wildcard has kicked off the Love Evolved event in Ark: Survival Evolved, offering players the chance to earn new pets, skins, and more.

During the event, players can obtain five new Chibi-Pets, a special Mate-Boosted Valentine’s Day Chibi Pet, six new Valentine’s-themed skins, and a new Flirt Emote. A full list of new skins can be found below:

  • “Cupid Couture Bottom” (Pants Skin)
  • “Cupid Couture Top” (Shirt Skin)
  • “Halo Headband” (Hat Skin)
  • “Teddy Bear Grenades” (Grenade Skin)
  • “Bow & Eros” (Bow skin)
  • “Love Shackles” (Handcuffs Skin)

Players can also use Valentine’s Chocolates to heal their tames, change the color of their tames using Valentine’s Candies, and enjoy three times breeding rates and double player XP and harvesting rates.

Ark: Survival Evolved’s Love Evolved event will be live until February 18th.

In other news, Studio Wildcard recently pushed back the release of Ark: Survival Evolved’s Genesis expansion from January to February 25th. According to the developer, the expansion was delayed to give the team more time for balancing and polishing.

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