Apex Legends update slightly nerfs Charge Rifle

Respawn Entertainment has pushed a server-side patch live for Apex Legends that includes a slight nerf for the Charge Rifle.

Since the weapon was introduced with the release of Season 3, players have been calling for it to be nerfed due to its incredible damage and accuracy at long range. Today’s update begins to address these concerns, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s enough.

As for what has changed, Respawn’s tweet about the update simply states that the weapon has been adjusted. However, over on Reddit, it has been confirmed that the ammo used per shot has been increased to three and the weapon’s mag size has been reduced. Following the update, the base mag size is now nine, allowing for just three shots, instead of four.

As well as the Charge Rifle change, the update puts a stop to quip spam in the drop ship and fixes issues with the initial circle.

In other news, Respawn recently kicked off its Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event for Apex. Players will be able to play a new limited-time mode called Shadowfall and earn a number of new cosmetics during the event.

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