Apex Legends is giving away three Legends to celebrate third anniversary

Respawn Entertainment is celebrating Apex Legends‘ third anniversary with some giveaways.

Over the course of three weeks, players will be able to unlock three of the game’s legends for free and also grab some free Thematic Packs and a Legendary Pack. The full schedule can be found below:

  • Week 1 (February 8th – February 15th) – Octane plus Three Thematic Packs
  • Week 2 (February 15th – February 22nd) – Wattson Character plus three Thematic Packs
  • Week 3 (February 22nd – March 1st) – Valkyrie plus three Thematic Packs and one Legendary Pack

All players have to do is log in during the above windows to claim the rewards. Players who have already unlocked the three Legends will still get the Thematic Packs and Legendary Pack.

In other news, Apex Legends’ next season, Defiance, gets underway on February 8th. The upcoming season introduces Mad Maggie as a new Legend, the 9v9 Control limited-time mode, and more. Get all the details here.

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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