2K urges players to reset passwords after getting hacked

2K has issued a statement warning players that it’s been hacked and that they might want to change their passwords.

According to a statement posted by the 2K Support official Twitter account, an “unauthorized third party illegally accessed” the publisher’s help desk and started sending out messages from a 2K account “containing a malicious link.”

If you received a message with a link from 2K’s support team, do not click on that link. However, if you have already clicked the link, 2K suggests that players take action by resetting passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, running anti-virus software, and checking account settings.

Somehow, this isn’t even the biggest hack we’ve seen in the last seven days. Over the weekend, a hacker published over 90 videos showing off in-development footage from the next Grand Theft Auto title. Rockstar later released a statement assuring fans (and shareholders) that the hack, while unfortunate, would not cause the game to suffer a delay.

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