Youtubers Life 2’s #CityStories update adds skills tree, new challenges, and a unicycle

Raiser Games is celebrating the first anniversary of Youtubers Life 2 with a massive update titled #CityStories.

In the upcoming update, Friendship Stories have been expanded with fresh dialogue, new cutscenes, and better rewards. Additionally, players can find new options for character creation, clothes, costumes, and furniture to personalize their character and homes with.

Raiser Games has also introduced new challenges for players to complete that reward points. Redeem these points at the new Tubitickets Terminal for special discounts, channel upgrades, boosts for friendships, or additional items.

Other additions include a new skills tree, Card Powers that allow players to increase their scoring and get more followers and resources, and a unicycle that can be used for traveling around NewTube City.

The #CityStories update is scheduled to launch on October 20th for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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