Xbox’s Summer Game Fest Demo Event launches with demos of 60+ upcoming games

Earlier this month, the team at Xbox announced that they’d be launching a special demo event in conjunction with Summer Game Fest—with the idea of offering Xbox One owners over 60 new demos of games that will be coming to the platform in the near future.

Well, the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event has now kicked off, and from today through Monday, July 27th, you’ll be able to not only get a special look at a ton of upcoming Xbox One titles, but actually play them yourself.

The good news is that if you follow this link, you’ll be able to see all of the demos that are a part of this special event, and snag any that sound interesting to you. The bad news is that, unfortunately, that link will give you a listing of all of the Xbox One demos currently available, so you’ll also see ones that were already up like Resident Evil 3 or Devil May Cry V. (But, then again, if you haven’t played either of those, they’re also worth trying!)

Just remember: be sure to snag any of the demos that you want to try before July 27th.

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