Xbox’s November update brings accessibility, controller, and quality of life improvements

The Xbox Dashboard is up for yet another update this month, and today, the Xbox team ran down the biggest improvements it’ll bring.

Some of the biggest updates coming in November are centered around accessibility, which has been an important focus for the Xbox team. Now, players will have more options for color filters to adjust for color blindness not only in games, but across the entire Xbox system. As well, the Microsoft Store will now feature tags calling out 20 common accessibility features, so that players can better search for games that provide options for their specific needs, such as “adjustable difficulty, custom volume controls, color options, and input remapping.”

All Xbox consoles are also getting a new audio option that, a bit embarrassingly, has been missing for years: the ability to have your Xbox automatically mute audio output to your television or speakers when using headphones. How this was never an option before I have no idea, but it’s finally coming.

The final big updates are controller related, and they’re all nice quality of life improvements. Thanks to new controller firmware, Xbox One controllers will now be able to take advantage of the reduce input latency that Xbox Series X/S controllers already feature. As well, controllers will now support Bluetooth Low Energy for better device support and pairing. As a part of this, all wireless Xbox controllers will be able to remember one Xbox console and one Bluetooth device, and which device the controller is currently paired to can be switched by giving the controller’s Pair button a double tap.

For the full rundown of what’s in the November Xbox dashboard update, hit the link below.

Source: Xbox Wire

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