Xbox Series S comparison video shows just how much load times will improve

One of the most exciting features of next-gen gaming hardware is the promise of reduced loading times. To drive that point home, Microsoft has released a trailer showing just how big the difference will be.

In the demo shown in the video, loading into The Outer Worlds on Xbox Ons S takes just over 53 seconds. On Xbox Series S, it’s around 11. Take a look for yourself:

Technically, we saw a similar test (down to the exact section of The Outer Worlds being loaded) when Microsoft first revealed the Xbox Series S earlier this month. But the flashier presentation—and the fact that it’s not buried in the middle of an 8-minute video—really drives the point home.

It’s worth noting, however, that the comparison emphasizes current-gen games running on next-gen hardware. It’s less clear, at this stage, whether loading times will be similarly short if you’re playing a next-gen-exclusive title on Xbox Series S. And while you’ll be able to enjoy Xbox One X enhancements while playing Xbox One games on Xbox Series X, that won’t be the case with the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S launches alongside the Xbox Series X on November 10th.

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