Xbox One’s October update improves Family Settings, Wish Lists, and more

Microsoft has rolled out the October system software update for Xbox One, bringing with it Wish List notification improvements, new options for Family Settings, and more.

Following the update, parents can now set how much time their children spend within specific apps in addition to the currently available system-wide time restrictions.

“The app and game limits you set will apply across Windows devices and Xbox One,” Microsoft added in an Xbox Wire post. “We want to provide families the convenience of setting this up once, and letting it carry over across your child’s devices. This means one hour of a specific game or app per day is one hour of that game or app – no trying to sneak in extra screen time by switching from one device to another.”

As well as this, players will now receive a notification when an item on their Wish List is discounted and can also recommend an Xbox Game Pass title to a friend via a message or their activity feed.

Other changes include the ability to view Mixer streams from the dashboard, a revamp of the Recent Players feature, improvements to automatic game updates, and game capture improvements.

Finally, Microsoft revealed that it will be adding the Events App to Xbox One later this month. This new addition will offer players “new ways for gamers to discover and be reminded of events happening within your favorite Xbox games or gaming communities.” More information will be shared soon.

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