Xbox is testing party chat speech-to-text transcription, text-to-speech synthesis

Xbox Insiders are currently testing new accessibility options for deaf and hard of hearing players to make it easier for them to communicate in party chat.

Speech-to-text transcription and text-to-speech synthesis are both coming to party chat following a test run in the Insider program. Speech-to-text will transcribe spoken word into text in an adjustable overlay. Text-to-speech will let players type to their party chat and have a synthetic voice speak the text to the party.

These features are already available in game chat, but this is the first time that Xbox is adding them to party chat. And they aren’t just useful as accessibility options: “They are also generally useful for detecting microphone problems or distinguishing game audio from people in the party talking,” Xbox stated.

To turn on these features when they launch with a future console update, go to your settings, find the Ease of Access menu, and go to “Game and chat transcription.” You can turn on either or both for party and/or game chat.

No word yet on when these options are coming to all Xbox users, but given Xbox’s recent track record, we might see them as soon as the next console update.

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