Xbox Insiders are testing one of the most requested updates for next-gen consoles

Xbox Alpha Insiders are now testing an update for the Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume function that will make it much easier to trust.

The update will add a new group on the Xbox Series X/S dashboard that will show users which games are in a Quick Resume save state. Currently, it’s nearly impossible to tell when a game is saved under Quick Resume and when it’s not, so this will let players decide which games to close and which ones to keep open.

The update will also let users know if the game they are running supports the Quick Resume feature. General usability and readability of the Quick Resume function has been a “much requested user-feature” since the Xbox Series X and S launched, according to the blog post, and it was a lack that we noted in our review of the Series X.

Turning away from games, the latest Insiders preview is also testing the ability to enable audio passthrough for media apps. This means that, instead of having the sound from media apps like Netflix or Spotify first go through the Xbox before getting to your audio output like a speaker bar (if you have one), you can now send it straight to the output itself.

Xbox just released its latest update for all users, which added new Game Pass features like Play With Friends, as well as the ability to suspend a game while downloading another one to improve download speeds without completely quitting out of the game you’re currently playing. Xbox is also currently testing removing the Xbox Live Gold requirements from free-to-play multiplayer games.

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