World War Z Proving Grounds update introduces Weekly Challenge mode

Saber Interactive has released the Proving Grounds update for World War Z, completing the first season of free content.

The highlight of today’s update is the new Weekly Challenge mode, which is a unique playlist that mixes together three modifiers to challenge players, such as all damage being redirected to a single player or all weapons being replaced by crossbows. These modifiers will rotate each week to offer a new challenge. The developer notes that an upcoming update will let players select modifiers in private lobbies.

Players who successfully complete the Weekly Challenge will be rewarded with a new currency called Challenge Coins. These coins are used to unlock character customization items like color schemes and backpack accessories.

Other changes include the addition of the new Classic Battle Rifle weapon, quality of life improvements, and several balance adjustments. Read the full patch notes here.

Finally, the developer teased that the game’s second season of free content will introduce Horde Mode, new maps, new weapons, and more.

World War Z is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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