World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic beta has started

A closed beta for World of Warcraft Classic’s Burning Crusade expansion is now underway, Blizzard has announced.

Some players have now been invited to the beta. Once invited, players need to follow these steps to begin playing the expansion:

  • Open the Blizzard App and select World of Warcraft from your Games list.
  • In the selector above the Play button, change your Game Version to In Development: The Burning Crusade.
  • Click Install to install the Beta client. This becomes a Play button when ready.
  • Click Play to log in to the Beta, and select any of the available Test Servers.
  • Create a new test character, or copy over a character from your live WoW Classic account using the Copy Character button.
  • Enter the game and test the content!

As previously announced, the expansion introduces new areas to explore and two new playable races. There’s also Arena PVP, flying mounts, new dungeons, a 10- and 25-player raid, Jewelcrafting, and more.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will be included in players’ existing World of Warcraft subscriptions and is due to release later this year.

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