Weird West has been delayed

Immersive sim Weird West needs another few months before it is ready for release, publisher Devolver Digital and developer WolfEye Studios have announced.

In an update, publisher Devolver Digital revealed that the game’s release date has been moved back a few months from January 2022 to March 31st, 2022. The delay is to give the development team more time to iron out issues.

Weird West is an impressively deep mix of action RPG and immersive sim which has the potential to deliver incredibly unique experiences, but also comes with a set of variables that can lead to unintended consequences,” a statement posted to Steam reads. “That’s why we want to take some and launch the game on March 31, 2022. This will give us time to iron out some of the bothersome issues and accidental deadends, before delivering an experience you, the community, expect.”

Weird West is now set to launch on March 31st, 2022 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be available through Xbox Game Pass from launch.

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