We finally have a date for July’s big next-gen Xbox Games Showcase

We’ve heard promises for a while that a big showcase of the next-gen games coming to Xbox Series X would be taking place in July, and now, we’ve officially got a date and time for when it’ll happen.

The date? July 23rd. The time? Kicking off at 9AM PST.

While we know that we’ll be getting a deeper look at Halo Infinite, the question is what we’ll be getting from there. A first gameplay look at Hellblade 2 seems a safe bet, as do some sort of appearance by what Obsidian, The Initiative, Playground Games, and Double Fine are working on. While we’re still in the Xbox Games Studios family, I also think it’d make a lot of sense for Microsoft to show off the spiffy new raytracing-powered version of Minecraft running on Xbox Series X, and boy would I love to get a first glimpse of the next State of Decay.

Beyond that, we’ll obviously also be getting a lineup of third-party titles as well, with one of the most speculated being FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. And, we have to wonder if hardware will be on the menu as well—specifically the long-expected reveal of the Xbox Series S (or whatever the Lockhart project will end up being officially named.)

Oh, and one final element to all of this that I feel the need to bring up. The Xbox Games Showcase is coming on July 23rd. Mixer is officially shutting down on July 22nd. Microsoft really couldn’t have given it one more day of life so that it could have gone out a high note?

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