Watch eight minutes of The Last of Us Part II gameplay

During yesterday’s State of Play, Sony and Naughty Dog showed off eight minutes of never-before-seen The Last of Us Part II gameplay.

In the video, we see Ellie submerging herself in the water as she infiltrates an area filled with enemies in search of Nora. After working her way through a couple of underwater sections, Ellie grabs and interrogates a guard who is playing a PlayStation Vita.

Following this, Ellie makes her way into an area filled with long grass that is crawling with enemies and goes into her backpack to quickly craft a silencer for her gun. She then proceeds to stealthily take out a couple of them before getting spotted and forced to fight. A Molotov cocktail and nail bat that are quickly crafted aid in her fight for survival. Watch it all unfold below starting at the 14:25 mark:

Director Neil Druckmann also shared a few details about the upcoming sequel, such as the introduction of boats to travel the flooded terrain and new forms of traversal. In addition, a new stage of Infected was detailed called Shamblers, which are large, heavily armored enemies that release a spore cloud that burns victims.

The Last of Us Part II launches June 19th for PlayStation 4.

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