Watch Dogs: Legion trailers detail the story, post-launch Assassin’s Creed crossover

Ubisoft has released a duo of new Watch Dogs: Legion trailers that unveil the game’s main threat and detail the game’s post-launch plans, including an Assassin’s Creed crossover.

The story trailer gives us a closer look at the mysterious group known as Zero Day that sets off a series of bombs which result in the British government contracting Albion with protecting London and, basically, becoming a fascistic military power in the process. Zero Day frames DedSec for the attacks, so now DedSec not only has to untangle the city from Albion’s grasp, but also discovering who Zero Day is and taking them down.

The second trailer that Ubisoft released details the game’s post-launch content plans, which includes a season pass with story DLC, Bloodline, that will not only bring back Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pierce, but also fan-favorite Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, who will be a playable character in Legion.

Ubisoft is also introducing two more playable characters with the season pass: a telepath named Mina who can mind-control individuals, and Darcy, who is a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood from Assassin’s Creed. We’re sure that Darcy will come equipped with a hidden blade. Does that mean that Albion is connected to Abstergo and the Templars in some way? Is DedSec a new splinter group of the Brotherhood? I guess we’ll find out when that content starts rolling out.

As well as the season pass, Ubisoft also plans to launch free content for anyone who owns the game, including the game’s multiplayer offerings. Unfortunately, it looks like co-op is coming out after the game launches, but what’s on offer at least makes up for that. Not only can you free roam London with up to three friends, but there are also specific four-player missions called Tactical Ops that will require the team to communicate and work together to complete objectives.

Additionally, Dynamic Events will pop up throughout the game, Invasions are returning, and a dedicated PvP mode called Spider-Bot Arena is making its debut. If you couldn’t tell from the name, Spider-Bot Arena casts players as Spider-Bots who have to duke it out with other Spider-Bots.

Watch Dogs: Legion launches October 29th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia, with next-gen versions launching the same day as the consoles.

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