Watch 50 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay

During Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima took to the stage to show off 50 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay footage.

The video opens with protagonist Sam preparing to head off on a mission. We are greeted by a menu that lets players choose the equipment that he will carry and where it will be placed on his body. Positioning and weight are important, as Sam’s movement and balance will be affected.

Following this, Sam plots a course to his destination and we get to see how other players will affect the world. After interacting with a console, we are shown ladders, ropes, and structures that other players have placed in the world. Sam can interact with these objects, with one such structure fully restoring cargo health when standing under it. Players can like these items using a voting system.

A little later on in the video we are shown some combat as Sam attracts the attention of a few enemies. He fights them off using a Bola Gun, his cargo, and close-quarters combat, before making a run for it. After making his escape, Sam finds himself in even more trouble when the BTs show up and drag him down into a fight with a giant creature. See how it all plays out below:

Death Stranding launches November 8th for PlayStation 4.

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