Viking Predator class and October update arrive for Predator: Hunting Grounds

IllFonic has released the October update for Predator: Hunting Grounds and made a new Predator class available.

First up is the new Viking Predator class premium DLC. This fearsome new Predator comes equipped with a Battle Axe weapon that can deliver a powerful overhead strike. The developer notes that the Viking class is stronger than the Berserker but slower as a tradeoff. Players who choose not to pick up the DLC can unlock the Battle Axe via gameplay in December.

“The Viking Predator can be traced back to when the Viking raiders consumed lands far from their own borders, and by doing so managed to draw attention they never imagined,” VP of Art Tramell Isaac wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “The death and destruction throughout the world would bring a gift from the sky to challenge the most powerful and honorable warriors in battle. As the legends of this Yautja spread, Norsemen saw an opportunity to gain an honorable death by way of this wanderer, so they continued to pursue glory. Over centuries, the strongest, bravest warriors would journey out raiding to lure this great force into ritual combat with hopes of feasting in the halls of Valhalla.”

Also available now is the October update, which introduces a new quickplay menu and a 20 percent bonus to XP when selecting a low population queue. The developer is also encouraging players to create more class diversity when selecting a Fireteam by adding 16 new selectable specializations that range from increased explosive damage to lower body temp. Read the full patch notes for the October update here.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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