Victoria 3 announced for PC

Paradox Development Studio has revealed that it is working on a third entry in the Victoria grand strategy series.

Society simulator Victoria 3 is set in the Victorian era and tasks players with seeing to the needs and desires of the population while dealing with cultural, economic, and ideological divisions. Players can import goods, tax their citizens, make scientific and social progress, deal with neighboring nations, and more.

Take a look at the full feature list of the upcoming entry, courtesy of Paradox Interactive, as well as the announcement trailer below:

  • Deep Societal Simulation: Cultural, economic and ideological divisions compete for power and resources in one of Paradox’s most detailed historical worlds.
  • Tend Your National Garden: Nurture your population, educating it and preparing it for the future, guaranteeing their prosperity and improving their happiness.
  • Wonders of the Industrial Age: Scientific and social progress give you the chance to improve the lives of your citizens.
  • Sophisticated Economic System: Import goods to keep costs low, export goods to enrich your citizens, and then tax that wealth to advance your plans.
  • Challenging Diplomacy: Maintain harmonious relations with your neighbors or provoke a crisis to grab valuable resources or force open new markets.
  • Political Dealmaking: Manage competing interests in your government, opening up new reforms but risking revolution if key voices are not heard.
  • Detailed and Living World: Cities grow and factories darken the landscape on a beautifully drawn map of the 19th century globe. Play any of dozens of nations from 183 and try to claim your place in the sun.

Victoria 3 will be available through Steam, the Paradox Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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