Unlock Leonardo da Vinci in Humankind

Amplitude Studios has kicked off the Da Vinci event in Humankind.

Players have a limited time to complete a selection of challenges split across two Chapters to earn some exclusive rewards. The available challenges are:

Chapter 1: 

  • Science and Industry: Own a city netting over 1000 Industry and 1000 Science per turn 
  • Machines of War: Destroy the fortifications on 10 tiles during the same game. 
  • Flight of Birds: Own a Biplane as an Early Modern Era Culture. 

Chapter 2: 

  • Live with Passion: Max out all 4 Ideology Axis, on either side.
  • Eternal City: Own a city with Cultural Wonders from all six eras 
  • La Serenissima: As Venetians, trigger the Science End Condition 

Complete these challenges before the event ends to unlock player symbols and decorations as well as the Leonardo da Vinci persona for finishing both chapters. The event comes to a close on May 16th.

The developer has also pushed a new update live for the game that improves historical religions discoverability, balances affinities, adds options for showing and hiding notifications, and more. Read the full patch notes here.

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