Ubisoft’s subscription service gets new name, beta on two streaming platforms

Ubisoft today announced a new name for its game subscription service, along with betas for two of the major streaming platforms.

The service previously known as UPLAY+ will now be called Ubisoft+, a name that’s more easily recognizable while also hopping onto the [Company name] + [Plus Sign] bandwagon that other media creators seems to love. The renaming to Ubisoft+ comes on the heels of the company’s reveal of Ubisoft Connect, a “new universal home for all Ubisoft in-game services, activities, and communities on all platforms.”

Along with that, Ubisoft has announced that Ubisoft+ is coming in beta form to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Luna support will come first on November 10th, with Stadia support to follow. On both streaming platforms, users will be able to access the full Ubisoft+ library for only the $14.99 subscription fee, without any additional costs from Google or Amazon.

Source: Ubisoft

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