Two Point Hospital’s Off the Grid DLC suffers a slight delay

Two Point Studios has pushed back the release date of Two Point Hospital’s upcoming Off the Grid DLC by one week.

Off the Grid was originally scheduled to launch for PC on March 18th, but will now be released on March 25th. According to the developer, the decision to delay the release has been taken due to the discovery of a crash.

“Figuring crashes out isn’t as hard as it sounds… it’s much harder. There are so many variables to look through, so many experiments to perform and in a lot of cases, so many weird inconsistencies. Naturally we’ve had the whole studio trying to reliably reproduce this issue,” the developer explained in a blog post. “It’s been a slippery little blighter, but our awesome team believe they’ve found the cause and are now working on a fix for it, we just need some more time to make sure this issue won’t affect anyone.”

The DLC will introduce three new hospitals, 35 illnesses, including nine new visual illnesses, and a number of new eco-friendly items.

Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid launches March 25th for PC.

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