Two Point Hospital’s latest DLC messes with time

The latest DLC for Two Point Hospital, A Stitch in Time, takes players back and forward in time with new levels and illnesses.

Entrepreneur and inventor Captain Yesterday’s latest invention, “The Yesterizer,” has caused a few issues and now sick people are flying out of holes in the ground. To solve this, he has enlisted your help take care of these people and will let you buy your own Yesterizer at a discount as a reward.

A Stitch in Time introduces three new levels to the game. The first takes players to the small town of Clockwise in medieval times and features Time Portals that will spit out additional patients. While the second, Clockwise-before-Thyme, takes players to the dawn of time and lets them build their own Time Portals. The third and final level is set in a future version of Clockwise and grants players control of the Yesterizer to send people back to their correct time.

In addition to the new levels, the DLC includes 13 time-twisting visual illnesses and several new items, including the Wormhole Bin, Non-linear Wall Clock, and more.

A Stitch in Time is available now on PC through Steam and is discounted by 10 percent for a limited time.

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