Twitch Prime subscribers can add Jim Brown to their Madden Ultimate Team

Twitch Prime subscribers can now get NFL Legend Jim Brown in Madden NFL 20’s Ultimate Team mode.

The three-time NFL MVP has the special X-Factor “Freight Train,” which gives an increased chance to break the next tackle attempt, and the “Arm Bar” trait.

To claim this reward, subscribers need to link their EA and Twitch accounts and then they will find the Twitch Prime Pack in the Unopened Packs section of Madden Ultimate Team. Subscribers have until September 8th to claim this reward.

Twitch also revealed that a second drop will be made available for Madden NFL 20 in September that unlocks a special Twitch Prime uniform to use in Madden Ultimate Team. This reward will be live until September 30th.

In addition to Madden NFL 20 loot, Twitch Prime subscribers can currently claim in-game rewards for Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online, Apex Legends, FIFA 19, The Division 2, and more.

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