Turn on two-factor authentication to get a free month of Origin Access

EA is offering everyone who turns on two-factor authentication, which is known as “EA Login Verification,” in October a free month of Origin Access Basic.

For those who are unaware, two-factor authentication is a code that is used to verify identity alongside a password. Upon logging in on a new device, a code is sent by email, text, call, or authenticator app as a secondary line of defense against hackers.

To enable EA Login Verification, head to your EA accounts security settings, and click “Turn On” under “Login Verification.” A code will be sent via the chosen method to activate Login Verification.

Activating Login Verification, or having it active already will grant a free month of Origin Access Basic from November 1st. Current Origin Access Basic subscribers who activate it or have it active already will not be charged for November. While Origin Access Premier subscribers will get a free month of Premier instead.

Read more about the offer in EA’s FAQ here.

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