Train Sim World 3 trailer reveals release date, coming to Game Pass day one

Train Sim World 3 is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Game Pass on September 6th, developer Dovetail Games has announced.

This latest entry in the series introduces a dynamic weather system that allows players to drive trains in “snow, thunderstorms, and even the dreaded leaves on the line.” Each weather type will alter the driving experience.

Players also have access to three routes in the upcoming game: California’s Cajon Pass, Germany’s Kassel-Wurzburg, and an extended and enhanced version of the Southeastern Highspeed route in England. While driving these routes, players can take control of the high-speed ICE 3 and ICE 1 passenger trains, BR Class 395 EMU “Javelin”, and more.

Additionally, owners of Train Sim World 2 can bring over all of the routes and locomotives from that game to the new entry.

“For Train Sim World 3, the team have done an amazing job enhancing and building on the immersive experience of our previous titles. The new lighting system transforms the visuals along with all-new weather dynamics that will significantly impact the operation of trains in-game,” Matt Peddlesden, Executive Producer at Dovetail Games, said. “This and the development of our dedicated Training Center, guiding users through the controls, will see Train Sim World 3 bring existing players new and exciting challenges, whilst giving those new to the franchise an enjoyable introduction to the railway world.”

Train Sim World 3 launches September 6th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass from day one.

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