Traders and Moonshiners can get bonus Role XP in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has shared the latest batch of discounts and bonuses for Red Dead Online players.

To start with, players can enjoy 50 percent bonus Role XP on all Trader Sell Missions, Resupply Missions, and Trader Free Roam Events, as well as all Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger, and Story Missions.

A new variation of the Name Your Weapon Showdown Series is available that will grant more points for taking out enemies using explosive weapons. This new variation takes place in a number of locations, including the Wapiti Reservation in Ambarino.  

There are also a number of discounts available this week, including 60 percent off Saddles, 30 percent off coats, and 30 percent off the Moonshine Bar. Check out the full list of deals below:

  • 60% off all Saddles
  • 30% off all Stable Slots
  • 40% off all Role Belt Buckles, Glasses, Eyepatches, Rings, and Gloves
  • 30% off all Coats
  • 30% off the Moonshine Bar, Band Expansion and all Cosmetic Upgrades for Moonshine Property (e.g. Bar Themes, Fittings & Fixtures Upgrades, and Bar Photos)

Finally, several limited-time clothing options are still available to pick up from the catalog, such as the Plaid Cap, Cardozo Vest, and Carver Pants.

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