Track down two legendary Moose in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s additions, bonuses, and discounts for Red Dead Online players.

To start with, Naturalists can now hunt down the legendary Snowflake Moose near Barrow Lagoon and the Knight Moose in the northern section of the Kamassa River bed. Sedating and sampling either of these animals will reward players with 30 percent off a weapon of their choice. While players who choose to kill and skin them can sell the Snowflake and Knight Pelt to Gus for an additional 50 percent payout and purchase two new Garment Sets from him.

Additionally, players can get 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Poison Arrows, and 10 Small Game Arrows just for playing before October 5th.

There are also a number of discounts available this week, including 50 percent off all Tonics sold in Harriet’s Shop, 50 percent off all thrown weapons, and 30 percent off pamphlets, pistols, and the Improved Bow.

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Social Club accounts will get five free Legendary Animal Pheromones, 6,000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and a free Katana Coat.

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