Total War: Three Kingdom’s The Furious Wild expansion launches next month

Sega and Creative Assembly have unveiled The Furious Wild, the first expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The expansion introduces four new playable factions to the game that are led by the mighty warriors Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong, and King Shamoke. These factions come with 25 new units, new character artwork, and a new Nanman-specific tech tree that requires missions to be completed.

Players will also be getting a new character progression system, unique missions and narrative events, and the option to start in either 190 or 194.

It was also revealed that a free update will arrive alongside the DLC that includes another new faction that is led by Shi Xie. Shi Xie has access to a new mechanic called Splendor that is gained by smuggling family members into important court positions and offers bonuses to public order, trade influence, and diplomacy.

The Furious Wild and the update will be available from September 3rd, 2020.

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