Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gets a new star-studded story trailer

We got a fresh look at Tina Tina’s Wonderlands, the fantasy spin-off of Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise, during last night’s 2021 Game Awards presentation.

While the ostensible focus of this trailer is the game’s story, you really shouldn’t expect a deep dive on plot. Essentially everything that we learn here—you’re playing a tabletop RPG DMed by Tiny Tina and trying to take out the evil Dragon Lord—is stuff we already knew.

Really, the trailer does more to provide an overview of the game’s mood, showcasing many of its enemies, environments, and characters. We get a decent look at the overworld, which turns your character into a little chibi as you navigate an actual tabletop environment. We also get a closer look at some of the game’s characters, a few of which have well-known Hollywood actors behind their voices.

Alongside the trailer, 2K put out character bios that do fill us in a bit more, allowing us to put some personalities to the voices we already knew about. Here are those, straight from 2K (I’ve bracketed in the actors).

  • The Dragon Lord [voice by Will Arnett] is a powerful necromancer and Tiny Tina’s most enduring evil creation. He has tried for eons to conquer the Wonderlands and eradicate the stain of heroism from the world. A lesser villain would have given up by now, but the Dragon Lord has devious plans to shatter the cycle and destroy the forces that have opposed him once and for all;
  • Valentine [Andy Samberg] would tell you he’s a dashing rogue with a penchant for danger and a flair for heroism. Others would describe him as “a washed-up low-rent space pirate.” He loves Bunkers & Badasses, eager to play the gallant savior and immerse himself in the story. He’s quick on his feet but tends not to think about long-term consequences;
  • Frette [Wanda Sykes] was an office accounting bot for decades before a chance encounter with Valentine resulted in her employer filing for Bankruptcy While Currently On Fire (legally distinct from normal Bankruptcy). Rather than be liquidated at auction, she hitched a ride off-planet with Valentine and has functioned as his navigator ever since. She tries to keep Valentine out of trouble as much as possible, but one can only do so much;
  • Torgue is the founder of the Torgue Combustible Pistols Company. The screaming maniac has left behind his riches and castles and taken on the life of a wandering musician. Torgue is only a half-bard, but what he lacks in talent, he also lacks in knowledge. His magic lute allows him to cast spells, but since he lacks control one never knows what he might end up casting.

And, of course, Ashly Burch is back as Tiny Tina.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands launches March 25th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC via the Epic Game Store. Other PC platforms will follow at a later date.

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