Three new legendary rams and Fossil Collections arrive in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s additions, bonuses, and discounts for Red Dead Online players.

To start with, Naturalists on Xbox One, PC, and Stadia can take on the Ram Sighting Mission for Harriet and go in search of the Gabbro Horn Ram, Chalk Horn Ram, and Rutile Horn Ram. However, there’s also the option to skin these new additions and deliver their skins to Gus to unlock new coats for purchase.

Additionally, Collectors on Xbox One, PC, and Stadia can dig up the Coastal, Oceanic, and Megafauna Fossil Collections. Speak to Madam Nazar to pick up a Fossils Map and begin the journey. Players who collect a single fossil this week will receive a Tarot Card, Lost Jewellery, and an Arrowhead.

While players on all platforms can enjoy double Gold, XP, and RDO$ from Role Free Roam Events and pick up the following new items from the catalog: Somerdale Jacket, Grayshott Pants, Sobol Hat (New colorways), Bartley Cap (New colorways).

Finally, this week’s discounts include five Gold bars off the Collector’s Bag, 50 percent off all Collector’s maps, 40 percent off all Collectors Horses, and 40 percent off the Refined Binoculars. A full list of all available deals can be found over on Rockstar’s site.

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