This is what the Xbox Series X’s digital store could look like

The updated Xbox Store app has been leaked, and it might give us our first look at how games will be purchased digitally on the Xbox Series X and Windows PCs.

Thurrott‘s Brad Sams got his hands on a leaked version of the redesigned Xbox Store, codenamed “Project Mercury,” and there are several notable differences between Mercury and the current Xbox and Microsoft stores.

Most notable is how streamlined everything is. Unlike the current Xbox Store, which separates each edition of a game into its own store page, Mercury lets you choose editions from a game’s landing page.

What’s also interesting is how integrated everything is between your Xbox and Windows 10 experiences. Items that Sams wishlisted on the Microsoft store were also wishlisted on the new Xbox app. Games that are available on Game Pass are also clearly marked.

Of course, this isn’t the full-feature version of the app, so each category only has one landing page right now. It’s also unclear when this version of the Xbox Store will launch, though it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft is preparing this for the Xbox Series X’s arrival.

We might get a closer look at the redesigned Xbox Store in July, when Xbox plans to reveal and preview more of its first-party games.

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