The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack revealed with debut trailer

The Sims are heading to high school with the upcoming release of the High School Years Expansion Pack for The Sims 4.

At the center of this latest expansion is Copperdale High, where Sims will attend classes, grab lunch in the cafeteria, hang out with friends, and take weekly exams. Then, once the bell at the end of the day sounds, students can take part in after-school activities, go to events, or head home and get their homework done.

“In terms of extracurriculars, teen Sims can join an after-school club or team like football or cheer, practice these skill-related activities, participate in competitions, and experience the highs and lows of winning and losing alongside your teammates,” developer Maxis added in a blog post.

Sims can also express their creativity with pranks through a new mischief skill. Successfully prank other Sims to raise this skill, but be careful, as getting caught can have consequences on relationships.

Additionally, players can decorate their Sims’ bedrooms to reflect their style and also deal with prom and graduation. When it comes to prom, Sims can either go solo, ask someone out, go with friends, or choose to skip it. Those who attend can create and present a promposal sign, select outfits, vote for prom royalty, and more.

The Sims 4: High School Years Expansion Pack launches July 28th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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