The PlayStation 5 will be getting firmware updates—for its fan

For years now, our video game consoles and their controllers have been getting firmware updates to add new features or improve performance. But what if I told you the future is firmware updates for your console’s fan?

In a new interview over on, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Mechanical Design Department Vice President Yasuhiro Otori revealed that the PlayStation 5’s internal cooling fan can be updated via downloadable firmware updates.

Why would you want to update your console’s fan? Well, Otori explains that Sony will be collecting internal data from the temperature sensor inside the APUs on each PlayStation 5. As more and different games come out, they’ll offer more real-world use cases to show how well—or poorly—the console’s cooling system is handling the heat being generated.

Through that information, Sony will be able to send out updates that adjust parameters such as how the internal fan is used, how long it runs for, and when it might be better to sacrifice console quietness for safer operating temperatures.

Source: Resetera

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