The Nioh Collection brings upgraded versions of both games to PS5

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja’s Nioh series has grown to be a stand-out in the crowd of Dark Souls clones, and both games will soon look and play even better on PlayStation 5.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee announced that four special new Nioh releases would be coming on February 5th, 2021. Which one you’ll want to go for will depend on what you do—or do not—currently own.

First up is Nioh 2 – Complete Edition, which will give PlayStation 4 owners not only the base Nioh 2 game, but all three of its DLC expansions as well. From there, there will be Nioh Remastered and Nioh 2 Remastered, separate releases that bring visual and gameplay upgrades thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5 (which we’ll cover in a moment) along with all DLC for each. Finally, there will be The Nioh Collection, which bundles together Nioh Remastered and Nioh 2 Remastered in one convenient package.

“All of the titles available on PlayStation 5 will support 4K resolution for crystal clear visuals, up to 120 FPS gameplay for silky smooth combat, ultra-fast load times and the ability to transfer your data from the PS4 versions to pick up your journey right where you left off,” explains Lee in regards to the upgrades.

Thankfully, at least for Nioh 2, you won’t have to spend a dime to enjoy those upgrades if you already own the game. Anybody who purchased Nioh 2 – Complete Edition on PS4 can upgrade to PS5 to free, and anybody with the current base Nioh 2 can upgrade the game, and any DLC they own, to the versions for Sony’s new console. Obviously, if you own a physical copy of Nioh 2, you’ll need the model of the PS5 with an optical drive in order to upgrade the game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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