The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes coming to Fall Guys

Mediatonic has revealed that costumes from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas are heading to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout this month.

Starting December 16th, players can complete challenges to earn the Santa Jack costume and other cosmetics through a Limited Time Event. Earn the required points before December 27th to unlock the following:

  • The Pumpkin King (Nickname) – 100 points
  • The Pumpkin King (Pattern) – 200 points
  • Deadly Nightshade (Colour) – 400 points
  • Santa Jack – Bottom (Costume) –  600 points
  • Santa Jack – Top (Costume) – 800 points
  • Zero’s Surprise (Celebration) – 1000 points

In addition to Santa Jack, the Mayor of Halloween Town will be in the store from December 16th-19th for Kudos, with Sally appearing from December 20th-23rd. Finally, Jack Skellington arrives in the store from December 24th-27th.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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