The Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy is now available in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online players get a new vehicle, bonus rewards, some free stuff, and more this week, Rockstar has announced.

From today, players can visit Warstock Cache and Carry and pick up the new Nagasaki Weaponized Dingy. While there, don’t forget to claim the Dinka Versus off-roader for free until March 3rd.

Rockstar is also continuing its celebration of GTA Online players this week by offering free drinks at The Diamond’s Casino Bar and The Music Locker, as well as free Penthouse Parties. Sticking with free things, the Blue and Magenta Glow Shades are available for completing any Import/Export Mission.

Moving onto this week’s bonuses. Players can get double rewards in Special Cargo Sell Missions, Stunt Races, all Simeon Missions, all DJ Request Missions, and Sumo Adversary Modes.

Finally, this week’s discounts include 40 percent off the Grotti Furia, 40 percent off the Progen GP1, and 60 percent off Executive Offices. Take a look at the full list of deals over on Rockstar’s site.

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