The Last of Us Part II "Relic of the Sages" trophy guide

This guide will help you find the artifact tied to the trophy “Relic of the Sages,” with a detailed description of the item’s location and images to help you track it down yourself.

Spoiler warning: While the guide does not directly discuss any events of the game’s story, the descriptions and images may spoil some locations and characters. Proceed at your own risk.

In the chapter called Enemy Territory, in which you explore a section of Seattle’s Chinatown-International District, you’ll hop over a wall and drop down into a new area. Off to the left is a street with two brick buildings facing one another and a red balcony on the right.

Head to the end of this street and go into the last building on the left, called Ruby Dragon.

Go through the door in the back right corner of the shop.

Head up the stairs and crawl under the table. There are two Clickers in the next room you’ll need to deal with.

Head out onto the balcony and jump across to the other side of the street.

Once you’ve made it safely, head into the left doorway and circle around to the room with the hole in the floor.

You should be able to see a china shop below. Don’t drop through the hole yet.

Instead, look over to the right, where there’s a table containing the artifact you’re searching for. It’s a strange, egg-shaped object with mysterious writing. It looks like something from another world—or maybe from another franchise.

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