The Last of Us Part II: All trading card locations guide

This illustrated guide will help you find every trading card hidden in The Last of Us Part II, allowing you to earn the trophies “Starter Set” and “Master Set.”

The guide is broken down by chapter and is presented in chronological order. Each entry includes the name of the trading card and a description of where to find it, followed by one or more images to help you track it down. Where applicable, images are presented in chronological order—the early ones will show you the general area or route you’ll need to take, while the last will show the exact location of the card. You can the search function of your browser (usually Ctrl+F or Command+F on a desktop) to easily navigate to a specific chapter.

Spoiler warning: While the guide does not directly discuss any events of the game’s story, the section headings and images do spoil some locations and some of the included screenshots may inadvertently spoil which characters are present in different sections of the story. For that reason, we recommend not using this guide until you’ve completed an initial playthrough. Proceed at your own risk.


Waking Up – 2 cards


After you walk with Jesse through the garden and open the gate, take the first left. The card is pinned to a bulletin board on the blue building.

The Keene Twins

After the cutscene in the bar, turn around. The card is on a barrel near the dartboard.

Patrol – 2 cards


When you ask if you should stop to “check out these houses,” get off your horse and enter the building on the right. You’ll need to climb onto the snow-covered pickup truck, then onto the the overhang, and then through the hole in the building. Once you’re inside, the card will be on the left, on a bookshelf in the closet.

Laurent Foucault, CEO SPARK

In the library, you’ll walk through a door that triggers your character to pick up a Firefly pendant. Head through the double doors straight ahead. Walk past the “Unlock your imagination poster” to go behind the counter and into a side room. The card is on an upside down table next to stacks of comic books.

Seattle Day 1

The Gate – 4 cards


When you first see cars, dismount from your horse and walk over to the bus stop. The card is under the overhang, on the right hand side in a container for route maps.

The Starfire Kids

When you reach the highway and ride along for a few feet, you’ll see a fence and a building off to the left. The card is just inside the door and to the left, pinned to a bulletin board.


After you climb to the top of the gate and drop down to the elevated walkway on the other side, you’ll walk towards a tower with a ladder heading down. Instead of taking the ladder to the ground, take the other ladder to the left, which heads up to a small lookout room. The card is here, on a table.


After you drop off the broken ladder to the ground on the other side of the gate, you’ll find yourself in an area with a generator and power cable. Instead of plugging this power cable in to open the gate, throw it over the top of the trailer, then head to the other side and use the cable as a rope to climb onto the roof. The card is in the center of the roof, on the hatch next to the lawn chair.

Downtown – 5 cards

Doctor Uckmann

Head to the ruins across from the domed building. Climb to the top—you’ll need to break some glass and jump across a gap to make it to the highest level—and then open the green container on the left. The card is inside.

Big Blue

At the north end of the map, on the corner of Spring St. and 5th Avenue, you’ll find a coffeeshop you can enter by breaking the window. This card is in a drawer behind the counter, just underneath the art on the wall that says “Step in from the Rain.”


On Madison St. near the west side of the map, you’ll find a small gate you can squeeze through. On the other side, there’s a safe you can unlock using the code for West Gate 2 earlier in the game: 04-51. The card is inside.

Das Wort

This card is located inside Valiant Music Shop, which is on the corner of 5th Ave and Marion St. Head right in the front door, then go behind the counter on your left. The card is inside a drawer.

Know It All

This card is located in the Serevena Hotel, after you’ve finished the main downtown segment and opened the gate. When you get to the second floor, don’t follow the hallway. Instead, go in the open door to the left, and then cross into the attached room. The card is located in a drawer between two beds, on the righthand wall.

Eastbrook Elementary – 1 card


After you jump from the roof of the school to the apartment balcony, climb over the upturned couch and enter the doorway on the right. The card is in the nightstand drawer beside the bed.

Capitol Hill – 6 cards

Kinnard, Esq.

Just after the start of this chapter, head into the apartment marked with a 3. The card is in a drawer in an end table, just beside the couch.


Head to the motel, then circle into the back alley on the lefthand side. Climb in through the window with the blue cloth draped over it. The card is located near the front door, next to a tipped-over trash can.

Doctor Stem

Across from the gas station, head into the blue door to enter the bookstore. There are some infected inside you’ll need to deal with, but the card is directly ahead on the steamer chest, tucked inside a book next to the record player.

Sergeant Frost

Down the hill from the last trading card, you’ll find a market with a hole in the roof and some infected inside. Once you’re in, head to the employee area at the back where there are two lockers you can open. The card is at the bottom of the left locker.


When you first encounter explosive traps, head into the liquor store on the left. The card is on a shelf in the back left corner of the store, just under a poster for the trading cards. Subtle!


When you reach the second group of explosive traps, after you’ve crossed the river and found the horse, keep an eye out on the left side of the path for a secondhand store. Enter through the door, and then look in the bookcases on the left side of the shop. The card is on the middle shelf of the bookcase that’s labeled “CHILDRENS.”

Channel 13 – 1 card


Once you shimmy along the outside of the building and enter back through the broken window, don’t go through the door with the body propped up against it. Instead, head to the office just to the left. The card is here, on a desk beside some playing cards.

The Tunnels – 3 cards

The Imp

After you crawl under the subway train for the first time in this chapter, you’ll come to an open door with a glowing red light on the other side. Instead of going through, head to the left and look under the subway car. You’ll find the card in between some trash bags.

Dr. Daniela Star

Following your first Shambler fight, go down the hallway and enter the door marked “Storage” on the righthand side. Crawl under the desk in the back right corner of this room, and work your way around to the other side of the locked gate. The card is on a desk just to the right of the gate.


After the second Shambler fight, you’ll find yourself in a tunnel full of crashed subway trains. Head through the first car, but don’t climb up onto the toppled soda machine yet. Instead, go prone and crawl through the hole just to the left of it. This will allow you to enter the overturned car, where you’ll find the card inside an old suitcase.

The Theater – 2 cards


As soon as you regain control, head forward and climb over the counter. Smash the glass of the rightmost cabinet, and look on the bottom shelf to spot this card.


When you reach the upstairs of the theater and see the bar, hang left and head to the end of the hallway. The card is on the ground at the end.

The Birthday Gift – 2 cards

The Nighthawk

To the left of the triceratops exhibit, there’s an archway. Just inside on a bench is the card.


After you enter the second building, you’ll enter a room with a display featuring wolves and a moose. The card is off to the right as you enter, underneath a bench. 

Seattle Day 2

Hillcrest – 5 cards


At the start of the level, turn around and drop down into the hole behind you. Smash out the back window of the pickup truck to grab this card.

Sahir the Sorceror

After you climb on top of the delivery van and see the truck full of WLF soldiers, take the path to the left, drop down into the hole, and climb up to the stationery shop. Break the window to get inside, and go to the back wall. The card is well hidden inside one of the stacked cardboard boxes.

Naledi the Youthful

After solving the dumpster puzzle, you’ll climb through a whole into a bike repair shop. As soon as you walk up the short staircase, turn right. The card is in a dead end here, in between the spokes of a bike wheel.


Once you go up the long outdoor stairs and deal with a group of infected, you’ll hop over a fence and end up in a backyard. To your left is a child’s play area, complete with a plastic slide and a playhouse. Walk around to the back of the playhouse, and you’ll find the card.


Shortly after the fight in the garage, you’ll come to a residential street where you’ll fight a number of WLF patrols. One of the houses is two stories and has the house number 1214 right above the front door. Head in that door, go up the stairs, and then turn around at the top. Go through the door that’s ahead and to your left. Go prone to crawl under the bed, where you’ll find the card.

(If you crawl under the bed but don’t find the card there, you’re in the wrong bedroom. There are two beds you can crawl under in this house. You can slip through a hole in the wall to get to the correct one.)

Finding Strings – 1 card

The Austringer

When you leave the horses behind, climb over the trailer and drop down into the gulch. The card is inside the car down here, in the backseat. You’ll need to walk around to the other side of the car to see it.

The Seraphites – 6 cards

Randy Styles

Once you head through the checkpoint and drop down, you’ll find yourself in front of a convenience store. Head over to the checkout, and look for a purple box on a shelf directly beneath a vodka ad. The card is there.


The next card is technically in the same building as the convenience store, but you’ll need to leave and walk around a tree and an overgrown truck to reenter through a different door. Hang a right, and look for the open doorway next to the plumbing truck and the signage that says “1000 PLACE” and “CON_____NCE CENTER.” Enter through the main doors and walk to the back wall, then turn left to find a ladder inside of an elevator shaft. Climb up and then either jump across the gap or climb on top of the elevator car to get to the second floor. Once you’re on solid ground, walk over to the window on your right. Throw a brick or a bottle through the awning outside. Your goal is to break the first pane of glass that’s to the left of the already broken portion of the awning. Pick up the rope anchored nearby and throw it through the hole you’ve opened up. This rope will allow you to climb up and enter the broken window to the left of where you were just standing. Swing and jump into the hole. Once you’re inside, you’ll find the card on the couch off to the right side.

Star Sign

Continue down the road past a garbage truck on the left and a parking garage on the right. On the left side of the road, you’ll see a grey and rust-colored apartment building. Head to the front doors, which are locked, and then go right down the small staircase to find a window you can use to crawl into the laundry room. Head upstairs to the lobby, and then upstairs again. Ahead of you will be a window that looks out onto the overhang above the entrance. Smash the glass and climb out. Turn left and jump across onto the other awning. Break the window to enter the apartment, then head straight back to the bedroom with the safe in it. The card is in the bedside table to the left of the bed.


After you climb down into the convention center—you’ll see hanging banners for the comic expo and a sign that says “Showroom 2″—turn around towards the scaffolding. On the right is a locked door, and the card is on the other side. To get in there, you’ll need to go to a small nook on the left and throw a brick or bottle to break one of the two glass windows, after which you can climb over and drop in. The card is in a desk drawer in the back left corner of the room.


After your first encounter with the Scars, you’ll enter an apartment building and go up the stairs. On this landing, at the corner opposite where the stairs come up, you’ll see a scooter and some kids’ toys. The card is here, next to the corn toy.

Bhat M’Andarr

After you drop down from the ladder into water (shortly after your fight with a particularly burly enemy), you’ll see a broken wall leading to a staircase with a pharmacy at the top. Head on up. The card is just inside the pharmacy’s main entrance, on a shelf next to the checkout counter. The telltale purple box is right next to it.

Seattle Day 3

Road to the Aquarium – 4 cards


When the chapter starts, you’ll find yourself backstage. Once you reach the red curtain, don’t open it. Instead, look over to the left, where you’ll find this card peeking out of a drawer on a console with a monitor and microphone.


Inside the shipping store, you’ll come to a door that neither you nor your companion can open and then go through an alternate door into the employee break room, from which you’ll follow a hall to the left. On the right side of this hallway is a partially blocked door that you can crawl underneath to pass through. The card is on a desk inside.


After the swimming section, you’ll enter the second floor of a book and music store with a pair of prominent escalators. On the ground floor, there’s a section of collapsed floor supported by two bookcases. You can crouch under here, where you’ll find the card.


Shortly after the cutscene showing a truck on the highway, you’ll drop down into a destroyed shopping mall. When you reach a pile of metallic debris you need to lift to continue into some water, don’t proceed just yet. Turn to the left and look back the way you came. The card is on a shelf here.

The Flooded City – 2 cards


The first time you’re forced to leave your boat to open the gate ahead of you, head back to the rapids behind you and walk into the open door just beside them. The card is a drawer in the desk at the far end of this room.

Khazakh Bright

After the big fight in the arcade, you’ll need to open the roll-up security door on the prize counter to get out. The card you’re looking for is in the prize counter next to the one you climb over. You’ll need to be behind the counter to pick it up.

Santa Barbara

Pushing Inland – 1 card


Just after you encounter the Clicker on the rooftop, you’ll go in through the window to enter the home’s second floor. Once you’re inside, don’t drop down to the ground floor. Instead, turn right and go down the small hallway to find a child’s nautical-themed bedroom. The card is on a desk inside.

The Resort – 1 card


After you climb under the fence to enter the resort, you’ll find yourself in an area with a lot of enemies. Once you’ve cleared them out, you’ll need to enter a large building marked with the number 4. As you walk through the front doorway, on your righthand side will be a table with a boom box on it. The card is here.

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