The Last of Us Part II: All coin locations guide

This illustrated guide will help you find every coin hidden in The Last of Us Part II, allowing you to earn the trophies “Mint Condition” and “Numismatist.”

The guide is broken down by chapter and is presented in chronological order. Each entry includes the state featured on the coin and a description of where to find it, followed by one or more images to help you track it down. Where applicable, images are presented in chronological order—the early ones will show you the general area or route you’ll need to take, while the last will show the exact location of the coin. You can the search function of your browser (usually Ctrl+F or Command+F on a desktop) to easily navigate to a specific chapter.

Spoiler warning: While the guide does not directly discuss any events of the game’s story, the section headings and images do spoil some locations and some of the included screenshots may inadvertently spoil which characters are present in different sections of the story. For that reason, we recommend not using this guide until you’ve completed an initial playthrough. Proceed at your own risk.

The Park

Tracking Lesson – 1 coin


This coin is unmissable. When you try to move the dumpster to climb onto the roof, you’ll automatically pick up this coin.

Seattle Day 1

The Stadium – 4 coins


As soon as you grab your pack and head outside, turn to the left. The coin is on the ground near a pile of firewood.


When you walk down the stairs a short way, you’ll come to an area where people are washing their clothes. Rather than continuing down the staircase in the middle, head onto the landing on the right. The coin is on a bench.

New Jersey

Once you enter a tunnel, keep an eye out on the right side for a mural honoring fallen soldiers. The coin is in on the ground near the center.


After picking up your weapons, you’ll head out to a loading dock area. The truck you’re supposed to enter is on the right. Instead, head over to the left, where you’ll find the coin in an open cabinet.

On Foot – 4 coins


As soon as you regain control inside the home improvement store, look to the right. The coin is over here, on a black card table.


When you enter the garden center of the home improvement store, continue straight to the end of the aisle in front of you. The coin is on the farthest checkout stand, next to the cash register.


When you pick up the ladder in the boat repair shop, don’t use it to make a bridge across to the boat. Instead, place it against the wall near where you found it and climb up to the top, where you’ll find the coin on a card table.


Once you get down from the boat repair shop roof, you’ll find yourself in an open area with a trailer. Throw a bottle or brick through the trailer window, then climb inside. The coin is on a desk at the far end.

The Forward Base – 3 coins


As soon as you regain control, head forward and up the ramp to access the small railed-off area on the right, behind the group of chatting soldiers. The coin is here, close to the guy with the beanie.

New Mexico

After you enter through the checkpoint and the guard tells you to report, turn left. Circle around the group of soldiers talking to the left, near the tent and the port-a-potties. The coin is on a green crate close to the toilets.

South Carolina

When you enter the building, turn left, towards where the two soliders are playing cards. The coin is on the far left table in this area.

Hostile Territory – 1 coin

North Dakota

After you leave the dress shop, you’ll reach an area with an overgrown gate and an RV. Climb on top of the RV to enter the second-floor window. The coin is just inside, in a drawer beside the fan at the end of the room.

The Coast – 4 coins


When you climb up the broken freeway, continue straight to the dead body between some overgrown cars and the railing. The coin is beside it.

West Virginia

On the ship, just after you get the crossbow you’ll see a staircase off to the right of this corridor. Head up and deal with the infected at the top as necessary. Make the first right from the top of the stairs to enter a green hallway. When you come out the other side, make another right turn. You should see a teddy bear ahead of you at the end of the room. The quarter is next to it on the suitcase.


You’ll reach the ship’s controls and then climb a ladder out of a hatch above. As soon as you reach the top of the ladder, turn around. The coin is tucked behind the first white-and-green tower, next to an upturned milk crate.


Once you reach the outside of the aquarium, you’ll see a dolphin fountain. The coin is in the water of the fountain.

Seattle Day 2

The Shortcut – 2 coins


When you first come upon the rapids and see the tall building, there will be a barber shop on the right side of the area. Head inside. The quarter is behind the counter, near the cash register.


Once you cross over the rapids and enter into the eyeglass store, you’ll notice a broken window in the back right corner of the room. You can walk through onto the awning, where you’ll find the coin.

The Descent – 5 coins


When you regain control at the start of the chapter, you’ll be standing next to a a swimming pool. Dive in. You’ll see the coin along the bottom, on top of a white drain cover.


While climbing down the interior of the building, you’ll jump down to a new level and see a mass of fungus with an infected growing into double doors next to an armchair. Immediately after jumping down, turn around and face the open door labeled 1107. Jump across the gap, and you’ll find the quarter through the door on a shelf to the right. (You’ll know you’re on the right level if your character says, “I hate this building,” and your companion says, “Keep going. We’re almost at the street.” If you reach the broken window through which you can see daylight and the Ferris Wheel, you’ve gone too far.)


When you drop down the elevator shaft and shimmy out the doors, you’ll see a vending machine. Smash it to break the glass, and the coin will drop into the return slot, where you can pick it up.

Rhode Island

A short while later, you’ll exit the building and come to a rooftop bar. The coin is under the bar on a shelf, on the part closest to you when you enter.


When you pass through the gate and enter the hospital grounds, hang a right and look for the building with the sign “Specialty Care Center.” Go through the broken window and walk to the far end to find the coin on the ground.

Ground Zero – 2 coins


When you’re following your companion through the hospital, keep an eye out for a coffee counter on the left. The coin is behind the counter, next to the cash register.


After your eventful trip through the hospital, you’ll come out into an parking garage with a military truck in front of you. There will be a parking attendant’s booth off to the left. Smash the glass to pick up the coin from the counter.

Seattle Day 3

The Marina – 2 coins


As soon as you gain control, turn around. Go up the small staircase and pick up the coin on the rounded platform, near the railing.


When you get to the tram station and the abandoned tram, head around the right to go behind the ramp. You’ll find the coin on the ground here, beneath a blue tarp overhang.

The Island – 3 coins


When you climb up the ladder to the top of the freeway, you’ll see a white panel truck with the back doors open. The coin is inside, near a wallet and some papers.

North Carolina

After you hear the alarm sound, you’ll come to a drop-off where you can see a waterfall ahead on the right. Don’t drop yet. Walk over to the white car that’s up against a tree, and go around the left side. The coin is on top of a book, on the ground beside the open car door.


You’ll come to an area where you see children being evacuated and will need to fight or evade some enemies. From the start of this area, head to the building ahead on the left. Go around the side and climb up using the stacked objects. (There’s also a ladder on the backside of the building.) Once you’re in the loft, head to the lookout area facing back towards the start of the area. The coin is on a ledge next to some bags of grain.

The Escape – 1 coin


When you reach an alley with a semi truck for a brewing company that your companion tells you to crawl under, don’t go yet. Look to the left, and you’ll spot a shopping cart full of trash. The coin is around the back of the cart on the ground.

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