The Last of Us Part I includes a major nod to The Office

Naughty Dog slipped a clever reference to The Office into The Last of Us Part I, judging by a new fan video.

One of the remake’s post-apocalyptic offices appears to have the exact same layout as Dunder Mifflin Scranton, from Michael Scott’s office, to the placement of the copier, to Pam’s reception desk, to the black couch in the entryway.

TikTok user rxelei looks to have been the first one to discover the Easter egg, having posted a video with a quick tour of the location. The clip was picked up and reposted on Twitter by fan account Naughty Dog Central, where it’s already garnered more than a million views.

It’s worth noting that this Easter egg appears to be new to the remake. Most of the changes Naughty Dog made in The Last of Us Part I were about enhancements to visuals, audio, and accessibility, the studio did rework the layouts of some areas. This office seems to be one of them.

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