The Good Life gets a summer 2021 release window and a new trailer

Irregular Corporation has announced that it is partnering with White Owls Inc. to bring The Good Life to PC and consoles in summer 2021.

The slice of life adventure puts players in the shoes of Naomi Hayward, a photographer from New York who finds herself in the English countryside town of Rainy Woods. Naomi is commissioned by The Morning Bell Newspaper to uncover the mystery behind the town.

“With her camera at the ready she starts her investigation but soon finds that the town – and its wonderfully quirky residents – are hiding many secrets,” the game’s description adds. “Not least, why they transform into cats and dogs at night. Caught up in the town’s enchantment – Naomi must use her new found animal skills to uncover the truth about Rainy Woods.”

Apart from solving the mystery of Rainy Woods, players can take on additional commissions to help pay off Naomi’s debt, explore the surrounding area, grow vegetables, cook, get to know the locals, and more.

The Good Life launches summer 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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