The Game Awards announces huge celebrity presenters, also Troy Baker

Update December 7th: The Game Awards has announced even more celebrity presenters.

First up is sports commentator Stephen A. Smith.

Next is actor John David Washington, whose recent blockbuster Tenet debuted exclusive footage in a Fortnite event earlier this year.

The final three presenters from this batch all have close ties to the gaming industry.

Fans will no doubt be excited to see Reggie Fils-Amié, former head of Nintendo of America, return to the Game Awards Stage.

Equally promising (but for very different reasons) is Josef Fares, the Hazelight Studios head who memorably went off on a profane rant against the Oscars at the 2017 show.

Finally, star of too many video games to list, Nolan North, will be presenting an award.

Original story: Some of the biggest names in Hollywood will be presenting at The Game Awards next week. And, because he has to be in everything, Troy Baker will too.

The first batch of celebrity guests, announced via the award show’s official Twitter account, includes some truly super names. First up is Tom Holland, who’s starring in the upcoming film adaptation of Uncharted. His appearance has kicked off speculation that we’ll get our first look at footage from the movie during the show.

Next up is Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. She doesn’t have any direct ties to gaming-related projects—at least not that we’re aware of at present—but she’ll likely promote Wonder Woman 1984, which arrives in theaters and on HBO Max December 25th.

Also presenting is Brie Larson, Captain Marvel star and noted Nintendo fan. (If we’re dreaming, maybe she’ll announce she’s finally convinced Nintendo to let her play Samus.)

The biggest name on the list, however, might be this next one: Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Trøølėÿ a massive get.

Also, voice actor Troy Baker.

We’ll likely learn more about additional presenters in the coming days, but the lineup is already looking impressive.

As always, this year’s Game Awards are hosted and organized by Geoff Keighley, though the format will be a little different this time around. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event will not take place in a single location, but will instead broadcast from three studios—in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London—with no in-person audience.

It’s unclear whether these celebrity presenters will make the trek to one of those studios in-person, or if they’ll instead present their awards remotely.

In addition to the awards, you can expect to see some major gaming reveals during the ceremony. Speculation is flying about what games we might see, but one recent claim pegged a new Silent Hill game for the show. Other games rumored to make an appearance include Metroid Prime 4 and FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, but it’s always difficult to know how much of this kind of scuttlebutt is just wishful thinking.

The Game Awards will air Thursday, December 10th, starting at 4 p.m. PT. You’ll be able to watch on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live and more.

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