The Division 2’s 9.1 update includes several nerfs to enemies

The Division 2’s next major update aims to address enemy skills, weapons, and abilities that are causing difficulty spikes.

According to a message on the game’s official site, update 9.1 will nerf the damage and accuracy of the red-bar Hyena Assault’s SMG, reduce damage from burn/bleed effects, and reduce enemy grenade accuracy. Other changes include a reduction in accuracy for enemies when blind-firing, the removal of enemies blind-firing with shotguns and sniper rifles, and a reduction in the aggressiveness of enemies when advancing on players in cover. A full list of planned changes can be found below:

  • Nerfed damage and out-of-cover accuracy of the SMG used by red-bar Hyena Assault
  • Reducing damage from Burn and Bleed status effects (also affects PvP)
  • Nerfed NPC grenade-throw accuracy. Accuracy is reduced further based on the distance to target. Elites have better accuracy, and Hunters, Rogue Agents, and Legendary NPCs have better accuracy than Elites.
  • Decreased accuracy of Hyena Thrower’s airburst, Black Tusk Mini-Tank’s grenade, and Cleaner’s napalm airburst turret.
  • Reduced NPC accuracy while blind-firing. Legendary NPCs get more accurate the longer they blind-fire.
  • NPCs will no longer blind-fire with a shotgun or sniper rifle; instead, they will switch to a pistol to blind-fire. Hunters, Rogue Agents, and some bosses are an exception, and can break this rule. Also, Tank archetypes will no longer blind-fire.
  • Reduced the frequency and aggressiveness of NPC behavior when advancing on hidden targets (players who have not been exposed for a long duration).
  • Fixed some status-effect reactions that could cause non-tank NPCs to path towards players aggressively. (Note: This fix and the one above only address some sources of the perceived NPC aggressiveness; developers are still investigating other sources and working on fixes.)
  • Reduced how much damage player Skills take from NPCs
  • Nerfed range of Cleaner Tank’s flamethrower
  • Nerfed Hyena RC Cars to reduce the damage of their explosions, the duration of lingering ground fire and the Burn/Confuse status effect, and the frequency at which Hyena RC Cars are deployed.
  • Nerfed Black Tusk Suicide Drones to reduce damage from their explosion and how often they’re deployed.
  • Black Tusk Support Station no longer heals mechanical NPCs or destructible props (objects players have to destroy in a mission).
  • The Legendary version of the Support Station now has healing cap amounts like normal version.
  • Reduced the size of player hitboxes (against NPCs) when players are blind-firing from behind cover. This should make it feel less risky for players to blind-fire at NPCs.
  • Armor kits no longer completely heal Bounties and other bosses (Hunters will still heal completely).
  • Adjusted status effect reaction priorities to fix an issue that allowed Ensnared NPCs to still move if Blinded or Burned before being Ensnared.
  • Further lowered likelihood of Tank archetypes rushing toward player hives or turrets to stomp them.

In addition to the above, the upcoming update will address frame rate drops in the Dark Zone, friendly Oxidizers damaging ally skills, and the Frenzy Talent remaining active when swapping weapons.

Title Update 9.1 is scheduled to launch on May 12th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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