The Division 2 update will make adjustments to brand sets, loot, and recalibration

During the latest State of the Game episode, Massive Entertainment shared details about The Division 2’s upcoming Title Update 6.

To start with, the update, which will arrive alongside Episode 2, revamps branded gear sets and named weapons. As part of these changes, gear brands will have an item for every slot, only four pieces will be required to complete a set, and chest pieces and backpacks will have a new high-end talent added to them.

While named weapons are being reworked to make them more exciting and powerful by adding new special visuals and introducing new talents that are stronger versions of existing talents. The team is planning to add 35 new named items to the game.

Title Update 6 will also introduce a new system that allows players to target specific loot.

“This system will allow you to hunt for certain loot types, such as specific gear slots, brand items, weapon type and mods,” the developer explains. “Every mission and named zone will have a specific type of loot associated with it. Several zones and missions might offer the same loot, and so you can choose which activity suits your playstyle best: replay missions or complete open-world activities in named zones if you’re after specific items.”

The mega map will display the currently available targeted loot in a given location alongside a timer that shows how long that loot will be available for. Missions and areas with targeted loot active will still drop loot as normal with a small chance to drop the targeted items from NPCs and containers. While named bosses in the mission or area are guaranteed to drop targeted items. This system will be available in missions, named zones, and the Dark Zone.

Finally, improvements are being made to recalibration. According to the developer, a new UI is being introduced that lets players see lists of available recalibrations, swap stats between items of different colors, and recalibrate talents on to any item of the same slot, regardless of brand.

The update is due to release this October, but players will be able to try out the upcoming changes early via the Public Test Server. An exact date for the test build’s release has not been announced.

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